“Manhood is the defeat of childhood narcissism” David Gilmore Real men are made, not born. Regarding this, when we observe around the world, most cultures have rites of initiation where the little boy gets initiated into “manhood.” Undoubtedly, a boy then has to do some things or act a certain way for him to be

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“the Individual and the herd instinct”

The herd instinct is real. I mean, ever wondered why we have words like “The Outcast?” “Social Stigma?” Or in a more modern perspective, the “Cancel Culture?” Ever wondered why we personally feel like we are not enough, at least most of the times? The restlessness in most of us, occasioned by feeling like we

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“Is pessimism necessarily a sign of decline, decay, malformation, of tired and debilitated instincts—….. Is there a pessimism of strength?“ Friedrich Nietzsche It’s becoming overwhelmingly more difficult for me to have an optimistic view about life. It appears to me that the definition we have given optimism is nothing other than the willful effort we

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(Ep. 02) Mental Health: THE STOIC APPROACH

“He suffers more than necessary, who suffers before it is necessary.” Seneca Because of the standards we place on ourselves and each other as individuals and as a society, there is always pressure. To make money, to live a successful life, to chase happiness, to have a good family, to look good. All that pressure

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“Productivity and Self-Deception”

“We are like shop-windows, where we ourselves are constantly arranging, concealing, or setting in the fore-ground those supposed qualities which others attribute to us- in order to deceive ourselves.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche Chasing Motivation and not Productivity: Every so often we find ourselves chasing motivation and term it as ‘being productive.’ There really is nothing wrong

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Too Much Love? – “Raising a Man-Child.”

“Undoubtedly mothers have always tried to keep their sons in the nest, and some sons have always had difficulty in getting free and have rather preferred to continue to enjoy the pleasures of the nest.” –Marie-Louise von Franz The Man-Child: Nothing his partner does is ever right for him;-“Too much salt in the food, no

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(EP. 01) Mental Health: The Neglected Necessity”

Every one of us gladly turns away from his problems; if possible, they must not be mentioned, or, better still, their existence is denied. We wish to make our lives simple, certain and smooth—and for that reason problems are taboo. We choose to have certainties and no doubts—results and no experiments—without even seeing that certainties

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  The Feeling: So there I was. For about the tenth time; watching that same movie all over again. Oh it was a great one; a really great one. I knew what was going to happen, the plot twists, the drama, and most importantly, the ending. It was a classic. And I knew it all.

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“Life is Sacrifice”

The Universal Law A person could live the life she wants only if she sacrifices something for it. Such is the nature of existence. Something for something has long been the norm. Central to our purpose of existence is pleasing God to gain His Paradise. Paradise cannot be attained without sacrificing our desire for instant

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