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“the Individual and the herd instinct”

The herd instinct is real. I mean, ever wondered why we have words like “The Outcast?” “Social Stigma?” Or in a more modern perspective, the “Cancel Culture?” Ever wondered why we personally feel like we are not enough, at least most of the times? The restlessness in most of us, occasioned by feeling like we

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“Is pessimism necessarily a sign of decline, decay, malformation, of tired and debilitated instincts—….. Is there a pessimism of strength?“ Friedrich Nietzsche It’s becoming overwhelmingly more difficult for me to have an optimistic view about life. It appears to me that the definition we have given optimism is nothing other than the willful effort we

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(Ep. 02) Mental Health: THE STOIC APPROACH

“He suffers more than necessary, who suffers before it is necessary.” Seneca Because of the standards we place on ourselves and each other as individuals and as a society, there is always pressure. To make money, to live a successful life, to chase happiness, to have a good family, to look good. All that pressure

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